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This is a simple selection of guidelines for when submitting artwork to the club. All artwork must go through an admin verification before being submitted, but we would appreciate you making it easier on us by following these rules too :)

If you notice a piece in the wrong gallery folder, or one that we've missed that breaks these rules, please let us know via club note ASAP.

:bulletgreen: = Ignoring these rules will mean we'll give you a suggestion of where your artwork might do better if you request an explanation.

:bulletyellow: = You will be warned not to submit art like this again. Persistant flouting of these rules will get your submission privellages revoked.

:bulletred: = Ignoring these will mean you will be warned once, breaking them twice will mean your submission privellages will be removed, or in severe cases, your membership will be revoked, without warning.


Gallery Submissions: All rules apply to Fanfiction and other literature submitted to the club too.

:bulletgreen: Artwork must contain at least one Fleetway Sonic related character (or character design), story aspect, etc.
:bulletgreen: Sorry, but no fancharacters are allowed on their own. There are other groups for them. Fancharacters in groups with STC characters are allowed, however, but...
:bulletgreen: ...We respect your opinions, but please do not pair your fancharacters up with characters from the comics. This is to ensure the club is fair to everyone's opinions and does not favour one person over another etc.
:bulletgreen: Artwork shouldn't be posted purely for speculation on upcoming games, there's probably better groups out there for discussion on that topic.

:bulletyellow: Artwork must be your own work. We do not allow the following: Art theft/reposting of another artist's work (suggesting another artist's deviation for submission is fine); recolours of screenshots, comics, or other artwork; images traced from screenshots, comics or other artwork; images copied freehand from screenshots, comics or other artwork; images from doll/flash dress up games; images made from bases; and all other forms of copying.
:bulletyellow: No anti-character/pairing or hate art of other Sonic franchises.

:bulletred: Artwork must NOT contain any adult content, or stuff that might be considered offensive by other members, ie nothing extremely religious, nothing racist, or gory (minor blood ie. cuts and scratches are okay) etc.
:bulletred: No artwork that would be considered as attacks on ANY DeviantART member or community.


Always remember to be polite and courteous when commenting on other peoples' artwork!

Please remember the people running this club are human, too! It may take us a little while to approve your image.
Remember, you only need to submit artwork to the gallery or favourites ONCE!