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18.6.2012-  Hi guys! Long time no blog update! Well, I need to let you all know, I've updated the group submission rules, and all future submissions are subject to them. They're on the front page of the group in full, there's no excuse for breaking them, sorry! From now on, all artwork must be clearly defined as being Sonic the Comic or Sonic the Comic Online based. Even if your work is a spin off of these, if we think they're just game based, they'll be rejected. This includes pictures of Sonic and other characters on their own. If you don't define in the artist's comments, or the submission itself is not clearly themed from STC or STC-O, we're going to have to reject them, sorry!

If your artwork is rejected and you can't understand why, leave a comment on the deviation submission process NOT on the front page of the group, and we'll try to explain for you :)

Remember, there are other clubs for Archie and game-based Sonic artwork, that will be better suited for those pieces!

Please follow the rules, it makes things easier for everyone involved ^_^;

Thank you!


We're still looking for prize artists! We want people who will remain in contact with the admins of the STCc so we can communicate the prizes needed, and who'll be able to turn over the artwork in a relatively short time frame. If you are interested please send us a note.


Summer of Sonic: A free to attend Sonic the Hedgehog convention in London, UK.



To submit your artwork to the club, just use the 'Submit Art' button ;)

If you wish to Submit your artwork to the club Favourite collections instead, just press the 'Suggest a Fave' button at the top!

PLEASE NOTE that I will be watching what's submitted carefully. If you submit any inappropriate content, it will be deleted and you will be warned. If it's just a piece of artwork that'd probably do better in a different club, I'll let you know before I take action ;)


Contests. (if you have any ideas for future competitions, please note the club with a subject of "competition Idea" and we'll add it)

Current Contest: Duality
Deadline: CLOSED

:bulletblue: Time for a new contest! To celebrate the club becoming a DA group, I figured it'd be fun to have a contest that demonstrates one of the key discerning features of STC: The Duality between Sonic and Super Sonic!

winners will recieve a request picture (either fleetway, official, or fan) drawn by the admins.


Sonic the Comic Online

Sonic the Comic Online!

STC-O is a fan continued web-version of the original Sonic the Comic

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